an AI-based Automated X-ray Interpretation Support to Improve the Accuracy and Speed of Diagnosis

Step into the future of orthopaedic diagnostics with FIXAR, a unique AI-based tool designed to revolutionize the interpretation of X-ray images. Meticulously trained on extensive and finely annotated databases curated by top-tier orthopaedic clinicians and scientists, FIXAR’s state-of-the-art algorithms stand as a testament to the collaboration between clinical and scientific brilliance and engineering precision within the field. Our primary objective is to empower clinicians and trainees by offering a tool that not only augments the accuracy and speed of diagnoses but also serves as a pivotal decision-support system for orthopaedic care providers, especially in high-load referral centers, resource-constrained, or remote settings. With FIXAR, we prioritize a comprehensive approach, integrating not just imaging data but also patient-specific information derived from individual traits, clinical evaluations, and medical histories, ensuring tailored and precise care for every patient.

Experience the Future of Healthcare with “FixAR” (Prototype mode)


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